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Ballardvale Research is an IT analyst firm that analyzes how organizations can optimize their online persona -- their Web site -- by the appropriate use of content management, search, personalization, and Web analytics technologies.  Looking at the problem through a four-faceted lens -- strategy, process, people, and technology -- it gives its clients real-world, up-to-date advice on how to tackle this difficult and evolving task.

Managing Principal
As an industry analyst, Guy Creese has been analyzing and writing about the content management, search/categorization, personalization, Web analytics markets for 7 years.  One of the preeminent experts in the Web analytics space, Creese has spoken on the topic multiple times and been quoted extensively in more than 40 publications, including Business Week, Computerworld, Financial Times, Information Week, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

He writes a monthly column for entitled, "Volume Analytics"; he is also Co-Chair of the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association.  In terms of blogs, he writes Ballardvale Blog and is a contributor to EphBlog.

Ballardvale Research is named after a village in northeastern Massachusetts.  One of the first high-tech communities within the United States -- the first wool worsted and flannel were made there in the 1840s -- Ballardvale is now a quiet hamlet where people walk to the country store and know each others' names.  Ballardvale Research endeavors to follow the example set by its location's heritage -- offering high tech savvy coupled with personalized service.

Ballardvale Research
25 River Street, Ballardvale
Andover, MA 01810-5907

(978) 764-3262 (cell)

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