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Web Site Design

  • Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis, Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design, (San Francisco: Sybex), 1996, 266 pages, ISBN 0-7821-2187-X, $39.00. The affiliated Web site is
  • Steve Krug, Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, (Indianapolis, IN: Que), 2000, 195 pages, ISBN 0-7897-2310-7, $35.00.
  • Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir, Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed, (Indianapolis, IN: New Riders Publishing), 2002, 315 pages, ISBN 0-7357-1102-X, $39.99.
  • Jakob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability, (Indianapolis, IN: New Riders Publishing), 2000, 419 pages, ISBN 1-56205-810-X, $45.00.
  • Jared Spool and others, Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide, (San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.), 1999, 157 pages, ISBN 1-55860-569-X.

Don’t Make Me Think and Designing Web Usability are the two best books on how to design a Web site. Don’t Make Me Think is more succinct and better for a non-Webmaster who wants to understand the issues, while Designing Web Usability has twice as many pages and so goes into more detail. Homepage Usability and Web Pages That Suck teach Web site design through example, and as such complement the first two books.

Web Content Management

  • Russell Nakano, Web Content Management:  A Collaborative Approach, (Boston: Addison-Wesley), 2002, 238 pages, ISBN 0-201-65782-1, $39.99.
  • Ann Rockley, Managing Enterprise Content:  A Unified Content Strategy, (New Riders), 2003, 565 pages, ISBN 0-7357-1306-5, $39.99.

Web Content Management concentrates on the issues and peculiarities of creating content for the Web; Managing Enterprise Content deals with the larger view of managing diverse content (e.g., documents, Web pages, digital assets) across the enterprise.

Web Analytics

  • Bryan Eisenberg and Jim Novo, Marketer’s Guide to E-Metrics, (New York: Future Now), January 2003, 78 pages, $108.00.
  • Hurol Inan, Measuring the Success of Your Website: A Customer-Centric Approach to Website Management, (Frenchs Forest, NSW, Australia: Pearson Education Australia), 2002, 232 pages, ISBN 1-74009-648-7.
  • Terry Lund, Buyer's Guide to Web Analytics:  Software to Measure Your Web Site and Landing Pages, (Marketing Sherpa), $108.00.Eric T. Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified:  A Marketer's Guide to Understanding How Your Web Site Affects Your Business, (Cafe Press), 2004, 240 pages, ISBN 0-9743584-2-8, $59.95.
  • Jim Sterne, Web Metrics:  Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success, (New York: Wiley Publishing, Inc.), 2002, 430 pages, ISBN 0-471-22072-8, $30.00.
  • Bill Zoellick, Web Engagement:  Connecting to Customers in e-Business, (Boston: Addison-Wesley), 2000, 196 pages, ISBN 0-201-65766-X, $39.95.

Web Analytics Demystified, Web Metrics, and Measuring the Success of Your Website describe how to measure Web site visitor behavior as a way to optimize site usage. Web Engagement is more of an introductory, strategic text, worth reading before the first two.  The Buyer's Guide to Web Analytics is just that:  advice on how to purchase a Web analytics solution, as well as a set of product/company profiles supplied by 48 vendors.  Much less valuable is Web Site Analysis and Reporting, a general book on creating a Web site and the affiliated mechanisms and issues — for example, search, shopping carts, and security. As such, it has a few pages on analyzing Web site traffic.

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