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Market View - Emetrics Conference:  Santa Barbara, 2004


Once again, enterprises, vendors, consultants, and industry analysts got together to ponder the state of Web analytics at the fourth Emetrics conference (Santa Barbara, CA, June 2 - 4).  Organized by Jim Sterne, the President of Target Marketing of Santa Barbara and author of Web Metrics, the conference continues to grow in attendance: in 2002, or year one, it was a cozy affair; in 2003 it drew 75 attendees; this year Jim ran two conferences, one in London and one in Santa Barbara, with the Santa Barbara soiree (it was held at the Four Seasons Biltmore) drawing 100 attendees.

The themes this year were several:  measuring and metrics; things to look for when purchasing a solution; usability and conversion issues; the nastiest problems to solve; and stories from the Web analytics front lines, including presentations from, Avaya, Carat Interactive, Hewlett-Packard, InterContinental Hotels, SAP, and  A summary of the conference, and best practices highlighted at the conference, follow.

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