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Guy Creese
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Guy Creese

Guy Creese has been analyzing and writing about the content management, search/categorization, personalization, Web analytics markets as an industry analyst for 7 years.  One of the preeminent experts in the Web analytics space, Creese has spoken on the topic multiple times and been quoted in over 40 publications, including Business Week, Computerworld, Financial Times, Information Week, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

He currently writes a monthly column for entitled, "Volume Analytics". In terms of blogs, he writes Ballardvale Blog and is a contributor to EphBlog.

Guy Creese is an Analyst at Burton Group. Prior to joining Burton Group, Creese started Ballardvale Research in 2004 with over twenty years of varied experience in competitive analysis, product marketing, and software development.

As Research Director of Knowledge Management and Analytics at Aberdeen Group, Creese analyzed, wrote papers, and gave speeches about the content management, search/categorization, personalization, and Web analytics markets.  He also covered business intelligence sectors such as data transformation, data quality, data mining, and analytical applications.

Prior to joining Aberdeen in 1998, Creese worked at companies ranging in size from 250,000 to 50 -- from Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric to an Internet startup.  He has held positions that span the software development and rollout process, including Programmer, QA Engineer, Tech Writer, and Customer Service Engineer, with the majority of his time spent as a Product Marketing Manager.

Creese holds a B.A., cum laude, with Honors in History from Williams College.  He serves as a Vice Chair of the Williams College Alumni Fund and is the Webmaster for his college class (

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